Hello, I'm Jeffrey.

I’m a computer scientist at the University of Central Florida who is passionate about information security.

Use PGP? My public key can be found here.



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A mobile game themed after The War on I-4, written in vanilla JavaScript and Python (FastAPI), with a leaderboard and SMS notifications via Twilio. Won "Best Use of CockroachDB" at Hackabull 2021.


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On top of helping prepare for the CTF, I authored two challenges, one on password security and another on iOS device enrollment, as well as writing the year’s custom CTFd theme.


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A Flask (Python3) application for experimenting with different voting systems written for KnightHacks 2020. Uses WebSockets for client-server communications. UI was runner-up for best design.


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A simple web server, written in Python3, that generates icons on-the-fly with Pillow (PIL) designed to be used to differentiate university classes.

Grade management utilities

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I have written two grade monitoring utilities, one using Selenium + Python and the other using the Canvas LMS API + NodeJS, to check my grades using an easy-to-access widget. Private for the time being.

This list is not comprehensive! I also develop tools that push the boundaries of iOS under a pen name. Feel free to reach out for a copy of my résumé here.

Also feel free to check out my Shakespearian insult generator and my CIDR calculator.

Drone Photography

I also do drone photography with my DJI Mavic Pro, often releasing my works under a copyleft license. I take footage of landscapes and my alma mater’s football games.

Please contact me for said photos.


Blog posts, write-ups, and original research. Also available via RSS!

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TSATechie Writeup


This is a multiple-part challenge, most of it which is done offline. The challenge is structured into three main components:

  • Hand-crafting a serial number based on given information
  • Using the newly-created serial number to generate an iPhone’s UDID
  • Using this UDID, on top of the given iPhone model, to fake a response from a device enrollment challenge

PasswordPandemonium Writeup


This is a pretty simple challenge. You have to find a password that meets the requirements below:


PivotPlaneHinge Writeup


A foreward.