Hello, I'm Jeffrey.

I’m a computer scientist at the University of Central Florida who is passionate about information security.

Use PGP? My public key can be found here.



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A mobile game themed after The War on I-4, written in vanilla JavaScript and Python (FastAPI), with a leaderboard and SMS notifications via Twilio. Won "Best Use of CockroachDB" at Hackabull 2021.


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On top of helping prepare for the CTF, I authored two challenges, one on password security and another on iOS device enrollment, as well as writing the year’s custom CTFd theme.


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A Flask (Python3) application for experimenting with different voting systems written for KnightHacks 2020. Uses WebSockets for client-server communications. UI was runner-up for best design.


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A simple web server, written in Python3, that generates icons on-the-fly with Pillow (PIL) designed to be used to differentiate university classes.

Grade management utilities

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I have written two grade monitoring utilities, one using Selenium + Python and the other using the Canvas LMS API + NodeJS, to check my grades using an easy-to-access widget. Private for the time being.

This list is not comprehensive! I also develop tools that push the boundaries of iOS under a pen name. Feel free to reach out for a copy of my résumé here.

Also feel free to check out my Shakespearian insult generator and my CIDR calculator.

Drone Photography

I also do drone photography with my DJI Mavic Pro, often releasing my works under a copyleft license. I take footage of landscapes and my alma mater’s football games.

Please contact me for said photos.


Blog posts, write-ups, and original research. Also available via RSS!

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Fun with RE


If you would like to attempt this challenge for yourself, it can be found on the HackUCF website. It was developed with (and mostly by) Oreomeister for the October 8th HackUCF meeting.


EmojiBrowser Writeup


EmojiBrowser was a path traversal challenge themed after emoji, because everyone totally loved the emoji challenges from last year.


DownUnder Writeup


This challenge is designed to be an introduction to GBA reverse engineering and an exploration of emulation tools. Text is printed off-screen, which the player must view by using tools built into emualtors like mGBA.